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  • Villaseñor, E., Alcalá, M., Valladares, E.S., Torres, M.A., Mercado, V., & Gómez, C.A. (2013). Empower Latino Youth (ELAYO): Leveraging youth voice to inform the public debate on pregnancy, parenting, and education. Community Literacy Journal, 8(1), 21-39.
  • Gómez, C.A., Villaseñor, E., Mann, E.S., Mandic, C.G., Suseth Valladares, E., Mercado, V., Alcalá, M. & Cardona, V. (2014). The New Majority: How Will Latino Youth Succeed in the Context of Low Educational Expectations and Assumptions of Sexual Irresponsibility?, Sexuality Research and Social Policy, 11 (4), 348-362. doi: 10.1007/s13178-014-0165-6

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