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Youth Participation

HEI trains and mentors future generations of sexuality researchers from high school students to postdoctoral fellows involved in ELAYO. The Youth Advisory Group (YAG) was made up of high school and undergraduate students who worked with the ELAYO team throughout the project to help provide youth perspectives on project activities.

ELAYO provided further opportunities for youth engagement and activism through its participation in Project Connect, a collaboration between four of the six grantees of the Ford Foundation Youth Sexuality, Reproductive Health and Rights Initiative. Project Connect consisted of two phases: In the first phase youth members from each grantee site created a two-minute video highlighting “Who We Are”  (above) and the key issues they are working to address. The second phase was the creation of a Resistance Zine (an example of one of the ELAYO pages below) consisting of two pages from each of the four participating groups assembled into one product and which the youth to distributed to their communities.

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Youth Participation


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